Why Does A Government Shutdown happen?

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The U.S. has seen a couple of government shutdowns during her life. The longest government shutdown took place during Trump Administration and lasted for 35 days. During a government shutdown, vital services of the country remain unstopped while all the other non-essential federal services stop. So, why does a government shutdown happen? What could be the reason behind a government shutdown? Let’s take a closer look.

There may be several reasons for a possible government shutdown. Government shutdown predictions can also be made over some incidents. For example, the longest government shutdown that happened during Trump Administration was a result of a dispute over the funding amount for an expansion of the U.S.–Mexico border barrier. Trump Administration did not prevent some organizations to fund their individual border barrier donations. Such events also caused serious tensions and led to the government shutdown.

How Can We Predict A Government Shutdown?

All government shutdowns took place after a long and big dispute over political or financial issues. For example, the Clinton Administration suffered from a 16-days of a government shutdown over opposition to major spending cuts in 1995 and 1996.

Government shutdowns always take place after a dispute over federal funding of services or acts. Government shutdowns may cause serious damage to the U.S. economy. The longest government shutdown is a good example of that. President Trump demanded $5.7 billion dollars to expand the Mexico border wall by an additional 250 km.

Due to the lack of clarity on how the wall will possibly be funded, this caused the shutdown sometime after the construction’s start. The Mexico border wall’s cost is actually thought to be more than just $5.7 billion dollars. The damage of the wall’s government shutdown cost at least $11 billion to the U.S. economy.

If such political and financial issues are disputed for so long, there may be possible government shutdowns on the horizon…


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