Will Social Security be Affected by Government Shutdown?

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Will Social Security be affected by the government shutdown? This is perhaps the most common question asked during any government shutdown.

Whether the government shutdown is partial or full, the Social Security benefits will continue to be handed to the eligible Americans. So you can be sure that you will get your next benefit. The government shutdown doesn’t affect Social Security benefits because the money for that is already had been put aside.

Social Security is the largest spending of the federal government with over $1 trillion every year. The likelihood of Social Security being shut down due to a government shutdown is right next to zero. With that said, Social Security benefits won’t be affected during a government shutdown.

However, you may see some of the offices being closed but not all. The local Social Security offices are always going to be open even during the government shutdown. The offices of Social Security Administration and even the buildings may be closed during a government shutdown but your local Social Security office will be open.

If your local Social Security office is closed, it is most likely not due to the government shutdown. The only possible reason your local Social Security office may be closed is a federal holiday. Other than this, there is not a thing that can cause Social Security offices to be closed.


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